Connie Lloveras, Three Seeds in Boat, Leaf and Ellipse, 2014 30” x 22” Mixed media on paper 2014 at Manolis Projects Gallery in Miami, FL

Three Seeds in Boat, Leaf and Ellipse, 2014

Connie Lloveras
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Connie Lloveras (b. 1958 -)
Three Seeds in Boat, Leaf and Ellipse, 2014
Mixed media on paper
30 x 22 inches


Artist Connie Lloveras was born on Cuba and grew up in Miami, FL. She is well known for her abstract and mixed media paintings. She is a collectible Latin and Cuban artist who has had an incredible number of solo and group shows in the U.S. and Latin America. 

Lloveras work juxtaposes natural organic elements in nature with more rigid structural forms.  Tables, pots, and ladders are placed amidst trees, seeds and leaves. The work sets up a stark contrast between nature and constructed and man-made objects.  It draws inspiration from establishing the similarities and differences that exist between them.  

In Lloveras' words, "Three Seeds in Boat, Leaf and Ellipse is a mixed media work on paper from a body of work that takes inspiration from nature and man-made forms.  My work on paper has the same sensibilities as my work on canvas and often deal with similar subject matter."