Hunt Slonem’s female portrait painting “Monique Van Vorren,”  painted in 2000 in oil paint on canvas measuring 30.5 x 27 inches. Framed by Hunt Slonem in an antique gold frame. Framed wall art by Hunt Slonem for sale at Manolis Projects gallery.

Monique Van Vooren, 2000

Hunt Slonem
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Hunt Slonem (b.1951-)
Monique Van Vooren, 2000
Oil on canvas
20 x 16 inches

Framed Dimensions: 30.50h x 27w x 3.50d inches

Framed by the artist.

Monique Van Vooren (1927 - 2020) was a Belgian-American actress and dancer who was multi-lingual and had studied philosophy. She was a very close friend of Hunt Slonem’s for many years. Her portrait is very unique because Hunt rarely paints people he knows. He painted this portrait for her in 2000.