Fernanda Lavera (b. 1975 - ) El Hombre de Pajaro, 2018 Acrylic on Canvas 77 x 58 inches For sale at Manolis Projects, Miami, FL

El Hombre de Pajaro (Bird Man), 2018

Fernanda Lavera
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Fernanda Lavera (b. 1975 - )
El Hombre de Pajaro, 2018
(Bird Man)
Acrylic on Canvas
77 x 58 inches

About the painting, Lavera explains, "The large windows in my atelier are my blessing.On the building's third floor, the windows act as a gigantic wall of glass. A dome completes the equation, seeming to float in the sky. 
I become familiar with the birds. Some days they come and go as if part of a game. But, on other days, they collide, fall, and die. And so, The Bird Man is born from this game of life and death. An abstract character who comes looking to take them to another dimension.