BUNNIES & BEYOND Participation Fee - Main Wall

BUNNIES & BEYOND Participation Fee - Main Wall

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BUNNIES & BEYOND: A Tribute to Early Hunt Slonem + Selected National & International Artists

Our prestigious exhibition garners support from acclaimed artists, including Hunt Slonem, recognized as the top commercial-selling artist in the United States, and J. Steven Manolis, who holds the distinction of being America’s highest academically rated Abstract Expressionist, as acclaimed by Donald Kuspit. Notably, J. Steven Manolis serves as the owner and artist in residence at Manolis Projects Gallery.

 Participating artists will enjoy a wealth of benefits, including:

  • Online Presence: Your work will be showcased on our official website, ManolisProjects.com, providing a digital platform to reach art enthusiasts and collectors worldwide.
  • Artsy.net Promotion: Benefit from our Fine Arts Gallery Premium status on Artsy.net, amplifying the visibility of your artwork on one of the most prominent online art platforms.
  • Social Media Exposure: Your art will be featured across our various social media platforms, including Instagram, Facebook, X, YouTube, and Pinterest, broadening your reach to diverse audiences.
  • Newsletter Inclusion: Your artistry will be spotlighted in our email newsletter, distributed to a subscriber base of up to 3,000 individuals, further enhancing your exposure.
  • Media Recognition: Participating artists will be prominently featured in press releases and all media communications related to the exhibition, ensuring your contribution is acknowledged and celebrated.
  • Gallery Exhibition: The privilege of showcasing your work in one of Florida's most esteemed galleries, with the exhibition running until April 2024, affording you an extended period of visibility and recognition.
  • Convenient Location: Our gallery is strategically situated just 5 minutes away from the renowned Miami Design District. This exclusive commercial area is a hub of creativity and luxury, making it the perfect complement to your visit. Explore the Design District's upscale boutiques, world-class restaurants, and vibrant cultural scene, all conveniently located near our gallery.
  • Grand Opening Event: Participate in the grand opening event, drawing collectors, art enthusiasts, and investors. 


Option 2 - Large-Scale Wall Exhibition: For artists seeking a more commanding presence, we offer the exclusive opportunity to claim one of only two available 6 x 10 feet wall spaces in our main salon. This expansive canvas will allow you to showcase your large-scale masterpiece in a truly extraordinary setting. 

Investment: $2,500